MiniMonos Celebrates ONE MILLION MONKEYS!


We’ve just passed 1 million monkeys on MiniMonos!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful monkeys and MiniMonos supporters who have helped us get up to this huge monkey milestone!

Make sure you pick up your FREE 1 million monkeys flag from Castle Beach! 

AND we’re going to PARTY!!  Keep next Sunday free, at 6pm BST (1pm EST, 11am PST).   Tomorrow we’ll tell you more about the   1 million monkeys celebration party!

Don’t worry if you can’t make the party at that time — we’ll be having celebration pop-up parties at other times on Sunday, too!

Thanks again to our bananamazing MiniMonos monkeys!

— MiniMonos Team.

OHMAHGAWSH! OOHHHMAAAHGAWSH! This is BEYOND awesome! 😀 1,000,000 monkeys! That is amazing! I remember back when MiniMonos was such a small game. It’s changed alot since then, and has grown to be more awesome and awesome!  Congrats to you MiniMonos Staff, this is just awesome. Also, congrats to YOU Monkeys! You’ve become part of this big, awesome world! I hope you guys continue to love the world as much as I do! It’s great fun to hang out with all of you in world! I’m sooo excited for this party. We have to make this the BIGGEST party in MiniMonos history! Sprea dthe news, make sure EVERYONE comes! 😀

Also, make sure to pick up your 1,000,000 monkeys flasg! It’s located right on Castle Beach! Just walk over and pick it up!

Here’s what it looks like!

Thanks for visiting monkeys, and a big congrats to all of MiniMonos.



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