Heya Guys! MiniMonos has recently gotten some nifty updates that I’ll be sharing today!

The First one is the announcement of the EPIC Monkey Games! If I were to give my best bet, I’d say these are going to be the Olympics- but themed for MiniMonos! Awesome!

As shown in the pictures, the Games will start the 20th. Awesome!

For the Games, Bimini Rocks has been updated, and now looks like a track with stadium seats around it!

Another update is that Tawny’s shirt is now available on the first Traderz Deck! The shirt looks amazing, PLUS the soccer ball on it actually spins. Awesome!

The final thing is the player cards have been updated. They’re now updated, and they’re pretty awesome!


What do you think of the updates?



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  1. I like most of the new updates. However the friends list is bad now. When I type the letter “a” for a search of who is online it shows me all the offline monkeys on my friends list as well as online monkeys. Thats 64 pages I have to look at to find friends online. 😕 But other than that I like the new updates.

  2. Hey morty! you could see online friends by putting a space in the search bar. i dont think that works anymore though, sorry! 😦

  3. Hey there Morty, thanks for the really good feedback, I’ll let the development team know what you think about it.

    Great post MiniJ. What do you think of your guess now? 🙂 Hehe

    — EcoMom

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