EcoMom finishing as Community Manager

Hey Monkeys,

EcoMom has posted some sad news on the go bananas blog . she will be moving and no longer be working for minimonos 😦

here is her post:



Hi monkeys!

I want to let you know that I will be moving countries, and will be finishing as Community Manager for MiniMonos.

Here are some questions you might be asking:

Q: So will there be a new EcoMom?  

A: YES!  And she is BananAMAZING! She is FUN, loves kids and loves MiniMonos!  The new EcoMom has kids who were already players on MiniMonos and she has been learning about everything we do on MiniMonos. She also really believes in online safety. She will introduce herself to you soon 🙂

Q: Why are you leaving?

A: It was a family decision to move to Australia due to my husband having an opportunity there.

Q: Are you sad to be leaving?

A: Yes.  Although it will be a fresh start for us in a new country and we will enjoy that, I will really miss talking every day to our incredible kids and teens.  But I will still come and visit! My new monkeyname is AussieEM! 🙂

Q: When is your last day?

A: I finish at the end of Wed (UK/US time)

Q:  How does Eco feel about it?

A: Many of you know that Eco on MiniMonos, is my son.  He is really excited to be moving to a new country and says that he will also be back on MiniMonos to visit you!

I want to tell you how much I have absolutely loved working at MiniMonos, how much you guys make me laugh and have fun with you.  I am so inspired by who you are and the difference you want to make to others and the planet.  Thank you.

Please ask me any more questions you want to, in the comments below, and I hope that you will make the new EcoMom really welcome!  I know you’ll really like her! 🙂

Best BEST bananas and see you soon, monkeys!


From Minij and I thanks so much EcoMom for all your hard work and dedication to minimonos! we hope to see you visit soon! 🙂



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