Lilac02 wins the Holiday Story Competition!

After reading HEAPS of awesome stories submitted for theHoliday Story Competition, we came across this story by Lilac02!

Lilac02 says, “The morals of this story are believe in yourself and you can do anything and help out friends and family like Rudolph did and they will always help you back like Jumper“.

Here’s her story:

One snowy Christmas eve, Rudolph and his friends were practising their flying technique. They flew through the woods nearby and loop-de-looped round the snowflakes.


A young reindeer named Jumper was trying to learn to fly, but she couldn’t quite manage it.  Rudolph knew that she couldn’t fly so he soared back to the stables and decided to help her to fly.  She was happy to see him but she knew he wanted to go off and fly.  He bent down and said to her: “Climb on”, and so she did.  They took off together and suddenly Rudolph whooshed downwards and let her fly by herself.  She looked down and realized that he’d moved and that she was flying by herself!  She soared and loop-de-looped and twirled like a snowflake.

Jumper was so happy she rushed right back to Santa to tell him.  He said: “I’ll let you fly up at the front with Rudolph!”  Rudolph was thrilled and said to her that night: “I knew you could. You just had to believe in yourself.”  As they swooped across the sky they could hear Santa shouting: “Ho ho ho! On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen, on Rudolph and Jumper!”Minimonosphotos-27

When they finally got back, the others fell fast asleep, unaware that Rudolph and Jumper were flying around outside, side by side.  A little monkey named Lilac02 looked out at them through her bedroom window, smiling at them together.  Jumper looked down and winked at her, slowing down to say hello.  The monkey handed her a carrot, and she took it with gratefulness.

The other reindeer came looking for them and finally found them.  Santa came too and knocked on the door.  They were let in and all sat round the fire.  On the way back to the workshop, Rudolph stopped and sank to his knees.  Jumper noticed and flew down next to him.  She called for Santa and he guided his sleigh down to the white blanket of snow on the ground.  Rudolph stretched out his leg and Santa wrapped it up in bandage.  Jumper said to Santa: “Let him ride in the sleigh, he needs rest.”  So he did.  Jumper led the sleigh to the workshop and helped Rudolph to his stable.  She fetched him some carrots and nursed him back to health.  He said he was very proud of her for handling the situation well and thanked her.

From then on, Jumper flew out at the front of the sleigh with Rudolph every Christmas and was always careful to look at the little monkey in her treehouse and smile; when Santa came out of her treehouse he always had carrots for Rudolph and Jumper from little Lilac02.  The end.

Congratulations, Lilac02!  And thanks to everymonkey who entered- there were some bananamazing entries!


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