MiniMonos says Farewell @Minimonos

Hey Monkeys,

as you may have heard, MiniMonos will be closing its gates on May 12th. MiniMonos has been a great game and I would like to thank all the current and resigned staff (old EcoMom, AlwaysMonkeys, MissDawg etc.) I was digging through old posts here on MiniMonosExpress and found some posts and images all the way back to 2010 (Alpha) as well as some others!

Here are some pictures:

Original MiniMonos Island:

I like pie!






Map before:









Map now:

Pie table at treehouses!:

pie rules







Now for the posts:

Mutt’s Gallery release!

robots release!

One of the very first pies!

Pirate Weekend!

Beta Bananza!

EcoMonkeys introduced!

Very first Pirates vs. Ninjas Party!

Traderz Storeroom release

Egyptian updates!

MaxiMonkeys introduced!

Traderz show decks and ninja showdown release

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

1 million monkeys!

All in all, MiniMonos has come a very long way from 2010 to what it is today!

This blog and it’s pages will remain up for memories 🙂 I also have zip files of characters and alpha items from the first MiniMonos Wiki so if you are interested just leave a comment with your email or send me a tweet on twitter @hayitsyawn

Original post from the Go Bananas Blog:

Hey there Monkeys,

It is with great sadness that I must announce the closure of the online virtual world, as of Sunday, May 12th 2013.  MiniMonos has been a huge joy and massive amounts of work by many people.  We can no longer keep the world going, and develop the apps that we are so excited about at the same time.

BuddiesEveryday for the last four years we have been delighted, moved, and inspired by the community of kids who are part of MiniMonos.  Our team has worked so hard to make the world what it is because we are excited by what kids can do to make the world a better place.

Almost 1500 of you have had eco- projects approved.  Hundreds of awesome monkeys have commented on our blog, written guest posts, created your own fan blogs, and contributed art and fun into our world.  You have helped us to adopt orangutans through Orangutan Outreach, made donations to Born Free Foundation’s Lion projectWWF’s Tiger Initiative and helped provide clean water for other kids in India with Buy1Give1!  You monkeys are amazing people!

Thank you awesome monkeys for the love you have shown us, and each other.  You are the most inspiring group of people I have ever had the joy of knowing and monkeying around with.

Like us, many of you will be sad, disappointed, and maybe even angry at this news.  Those are normal and OK feelings to have.  We have been feeling the same way!  I hope you use these last few weeks of MiniMonos to hang out with your friends, complete the levels and make some last memories of the world.  Get together with your friends and party on… Bananatastic will be hosting parties right until the last day!
We hope you will take pictures and post your memories to our blog, and tweet us too!  If you send us some of your favourite pictures, we will post them online.  I still have some wonderful screenshots (remember the first 50 monkeys? The first x-powers?), and I would love to be able to collect yours too.  Please send your screenshots and pictures to us at

We will be planning some big events coming up to the last weekend and will keep you posted on what those are!  We will be having a HUGE party on the 12th, keep an eye out for details.  We are hoping that a lot of the staff will be around that day to party up and say goodbye.

We are really sad to say goodbye to the virtual world, but super excited about what a difference you will make in the real world.

— AlphaMonkey and The MiniMonos Team


Please email any queries to


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