Grow Guide!


Ello! Grow is a pretty simple game.

The point of Grow is to make this entire board plants instead of dirt and rocks:

As said, you’re supposed to make the entire board plants by clicking the spaces of other things. (Rocks, Weeds, etc.)

The hard part of Grow is you have to do it within 22 moves.

If you don’t do it within 22 moves you don’t get any strawberries!

If you do it in under less than 22 moves, you get strawberries! The less moves you use, the more strawberries you get!

The best way to get the most strawberries is to play with compost. To get compost, you can play Tic Tac Poo first! Once you have compost, select the “Play with compost” mode. It gets you ALOT more strawberries (sometimes even double!)


Once you’re done, you can exit, talk to Bea, and sell your strawberries!

She’ll even tell you how much you can make!

Awesome! Have fun monkeys!


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