Monkey Flight Guide!

Monkey Flight
Hello again! :PNow onto the hints to the game, Monkey Flight! Here they are:

1) Have you ever passed by another monkey while flying? Well, that’s what this radar is for. It shows you where all the other monkeys playing are!

Pretty cool right? That means you can stay close to your friends in-game!

2) So, this is how to actually play!

You use the left arrow to go to the left, up arrow to go up, and the right arrow to go right! xD Pretty easy concept! Now, to go down, just don’t hit any keys. The down arrow does nothing :)

3) Now, when playing you’ll have two different types of puffy :D and stormy :( The point of game is to collect the pufffy clouds. The more you get, the more banana chips you get! Also when you collect them, you get more “air power!” (explained below) Butw, watch out for the stormy clouds! They don’t count for your score, and they make you lose air power! D: NO GOOD! Here’s what it looks like:

Seems pretty simple right? Except, there’s something else:

4) This is what I refer to as “air power.” Air power is what keeps you flying. Here’s what your Air power bar looks like:

As shown, GREEN is GOOD, and BROWN is BAD
Green is your air power. The more puffy clouds you collect, the more the green their is. The brown shows where the green is not, which is bad. More brown shows when you don’t coolect puffy clouds, or fly into stormy clouds.

5) A great thing about this game is if you run out of the “air power,” there are trampolines that can keep you going! Here’s what they look like:

With trampolines, if you start falling and hit them, they bounce you back into the sky, for a second chance. Each trampoline can only be used once. There are usually more near each other at the beginning of the game, but when you start getting farther, there are less and less of them. They definitely help! :D

6) The game is scored in three ways: Height, Distance, and Number of Clouds. The Number of Clouds can get you Banana Chips AND Medals, and Height and Distance just get you medals. (Medals are in-game only) The distance you’ve go is on top left of the box, the and the heighest point you’ve gotten to is on the top right of the box. The number of clouds you’ve collected is shown on the bottom on the box. (Box is in top right of screen)

That’s pretty much everything about monkey flight! Have fun playing monkeys!


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