Good Glitches!

Hey Monkeys! On this page, I will be posting the GOOD Glitches. You may be thinking, is there even such a thing? The answer is: YES! Good glitches are glitches that, even though not supposed to be there, make the game all around more fun! Cool right? Here we go!


Hehe! It’s time to start with the glitches ! Let’s do so, shall we?

1)  Walking On Walls Glitch!

*Note: Only works in Einstein’s Lab*

Pretty awesome right? Here’s how to do it:

1. Stand about here…

2. While standing there, click the this dot….

Yeah! That dot! Well click it

3.  If you ONLY clicked the dot without clicking anywhere else, this should happen….


4. To stay ON the wall, click the wall while running across it.

Tada! You’re now on the wall! ave fun seeing how far you can go and move around!

2) THE EPIC HUGE (or small) MONKEY!!!

Hey guys! While playing GoGoGreen the other day, I found a new glitch on MiniMonos that’s really fun! Here’s how to do it!

1) On MiniMonos, go to the Recycling Center.

2) Go talk to Flip and play GoGoGreen.

3) While in GoGoGreen, click the little monkey next to the KidZui symbol and then hit Ctrl (Control) + the + button (plus/equals button)

4) After hitting Ctrl + +(which zooms you in), exit GoGoGreen

5) Once out at the recycle center, hit the monkey next to the KidZui sign again, and then hit Ctrl (Control) + 0 (zero). This is what should happen.

6) Now, if that isn’t cool enough, try the next part to the glitch. First, to exit the screen, either go to another room (the right side of the town) by walking to the sign, or click your map. Now, I chose the Mountain Trail room (new one next to Kittyhawk Bluff) but you can literally choose ANY room (even your treehouse!) Now, go to the room you chose, click the monkey head again, and press ctrl + + again. NOW, while large, click ANY part inside of the room. If you don’t do this, the glitch won’t work. Soo,  make sure that when you’re zoomed in, you click! :)

7) Next, click the monkey head again and yet again hit Ctrl+0(zero) Once you do that…

BAM! You’re a giant monkey! How cool is that? Now, only you can see this though :P

Awesome right? I think it’s fun. xD

Now, experiment a little! You can try zooming out instead (Ctrl + -) or doing some other things. Have fun monkeys!



*Note: There are other glitches, but these are interactive ones*

More coming soon! Hope you like these! Bye!

  1. i found a good glitch that happened 2 me twice,

    i was in my treehouse checking on my pet robot when all of a sudden i had two robots literately there right in front of me. but it didn’t last long when i only had 1 robot again.


  2. yo jas i neva new u were into cheats

  3. Jess da aweomse

    hey u no monkey9977 does a glitch any1 no how 2 do dat???

  4. jess ill never reveal it

  5. Jess da awesome


  6. i found awesome glitch i was a gold member but it expired and my non gold only clothes stayed in gold only colors

    • and jess i have no idea how to do monkey’s glitch

      • I have got a cool glitch that no one knows it is at crash site and you go right ice bit on the edge and click the other ice bit and the other side and then stop at a different direction and your on the UFO!

  7. @finnxtreme2 i knew that glitch

  8. jess to do dat glitch go to champions field turn blue team and go anywhere but you cant see it

  9. wat u mean stop at a different direction

  10. Jess da Awesome DUH!

    i no that now :DDD found it out ages ago i no a glitch!!

    wanna no?

  11. Jess da Awesome DUH!

    i found something!! wen its loading the loading page yea… u can move the monkey head around now well it did4 mee

  12. On the first one what dot.

  13. I’ve got a lot of glitches but everyone know them! 😛

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