MiniMonos Secrets!

Hey Monkeys! This is the homepage for the MiniMonos Secrets! There are links below to whichever page you choose to go!

The Secrets of Pie


Monkey Fist Ninja-ish Secrets


Other Randomly Epictastic Secrets!


Never Before Released Items!


Awesome! I hope you enjoy these secrets of MiniMonos! If you find them cool or helpful, make sure to leave a comment about it! Thanks Monkeys! ^.^


  1. Wow MiniJ! Awesome post! This is such great knowledge — what do you think about putting it on the MiniMonos Wiki?

    Maybe you could team up with Rainforest and he could put your post on there?

    Great job! — EcoMom ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Awesome Post!!! I love the term “Pie Capers”. But are you sure you’ve found all the secrets of the island? And can you remember all the secrets since alpha? I remember a talking tree! He was awesome…

  3. :O don’t forget the pi secrets!

  4. i do not no any secrets cos i only play moshimonsters

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