The Secrets of Pie!

Hey Monkeys! This page is going to be updated with ALL the different pies on MiniMonos, from Pie, to Pi, to other Pie, and then Pie Pi Pie Pi Pie. Yes. So.Much.Pie.

ANYWAYS, if you like pie, this is the place for you! The pies hidden so far are below! ↓

Now, we all love pie right? It’s all delicious and yummy and whatnot, right?  Well, something you may NOT know is there’s pie hidden ALL OVER MiniMonos Island! How Awesome! You see, Badgerfox, a developer for MiniMonos, also loves pie. He loved it SO much, he hides new pie in MiniMonos every so often and leaves it up to us monkeys to find (with some hints along the way ;D) These are the pies he’s hidden. Of course, there will be crossed out sections and edited in sections when you pie arrives! CAN YOU HANDLE THE MADNESS? We’ll see:

The Hidden Pie Capers:

1) The First Ever Spectacular Pie!

Here’s how to activate pie at Traderz

1. Say “handkerchiefs” That delicious looking pie on the chest up there should appear ;) “Handkerchiefs” was the term used because some monkeys made a video saying all you needed to say to make cake appear in Traderz was say “Handkerchiefs”

2. Say “Put the lime in the coconut” and it will rain pie! BRING ON THE PIE STORM!!! “Put the lime in the coconut” is a term used for EVERY pie. (Pretty much) It was used because it was the song playing in a video of the real Badgerfox making pie :-)


2) It’s half passed Pie!

Here is how to activate the pie at Time Square

1. Say “Where is the pie?” That delicious looking PIE!!!!on the billboard will come up (too bad you can’t eat it!)

2. Say “Put the lime in the coconut” and it will rain pie… delicious, tasty, amazingly awesome pie….

↑UPDATE: This pie no longer exits due to the Update with the Info Center! :-)


3) Pictures and Pie!

Here is how to acivate the pie at Mutt’s Gallery:

1. Say “Pretty Pictures” (No pie shows up yet, but it’s a needed step)

2. Say “Tasty Pie” three times, and three hugely delicious pies will pop up!

3. Say “Put the lime in the coconut” and it should rain EVEN MORE delicious Pie >:D

4) Put the Pie In The Coconut! Wait… what?

So monkeys, guess what? The Pie just keeps on coming! I think it’s because it’s so yummy. And after this, there’s even MORE pie, so keep reading xDD

This ie is the “Put the Pie In the Coconut” Pie

To acivate it, head over to long Beach and say,

1. “Put the Pie in the Coconut!” That’ll change the coconut sitting on the table into a piece of pie! Yum!

2. “Put the lime in the coconut!” That’ll make it rain pie, like always! YAY!!!! :D

5) The Pie thats eats YOU!

Another cool pie is the pie MONSTER!

To activate it, head over to Hana Cove and say,

1. “PieRate!” This will make the pie monster appear. Yes, genius play on words, I know ;D

2. “Put the Lime In the coconut!” That’ll make it rain pie! (How Surprising! xDD)

6) The Smallest of Them All…

This last pie is the smallest pie. No activation codes, no raining pie, nothing. Just a magnet on a cash register:

LOL! That’s all the pie for now! 😀

IMPORTANT: Since I told you about this pie, you must share it with me. Thank you.

Now, pie is pretty cool right? Well, what about Pi AKA π or 3.14159? Mathematical Pi? >:D What most monkeys don’t know, it’s everywhere on the island, hidden i small places!

The Mysteries of Pi:

1) The First Sign of Pi

The first pi spotted is actually in three rooms at once. This pi is in Castle Beach, the outer part of Mutt’s Gallery, and outside of Traderz. Most people wouldn’t recognize it. You see, it’s on the arrow pointing to time square. If you look closely, the time on the clock is 03:14- pi.

2) Eistein’s Pi

Eisenstein loves pi, as most scientists do. He loved it so much, he hid it on his chalboard:

See it? at the bottom? 3.14159 😀

3) The Power of Pi

With almost every xpower update, pi is hidden on the popup where you buy xpowers. Of course, right now, there is one. This pi is hidden on the firework xpower:

4) Einstein’s Other Pi

This last pi most monkeys don’t catch onto. That’s because you have to be a new monkey working on Green Banana to see it. This pi is hidden on Einstein’s chalkboard on the “Become a Green Banana” popup.


😛 That’s all the pie’s and pi’s!

See ya monkeys! 😀


  1. pie pie pie i dont like pie XD

  2. What if a monkey is allergic to pie

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