Monkey Of the Month!

Hey Guys! Welcome to the new Monkey of the Month Page! There’s a new system for it starting as of Sept 5th, so read closely!

Each month, there will be a new poll each Monday in that Month (so four or 5 polls) Each poll will be open for until the next Monday. On it, you vote for who you think should be Monkey of the Week/Month. At the end of the month, all the monkeys who won the weekly poll will be put into the Monthly Poll for voting! At the end of the year, the Monkeys of the Month will be put in! 🙂 Sound cool?

So, this starts NOW! It’ll end next Monday at 12:00 am. Get voting, because only two can go on! :O

Thanks Monkeys!


  1. Hello My Name IS Zoo5 can you add me onto that

  2. Next month can you add me on. My minimonos name is
    Clubpenguin24, I’d love all my students who play it to find my Monkey (Its a learning game) Won! So please add me on and you will know that 31 other children love this website! (I vote Moister!

  3. im gonna win

  4. By the way did you know about the glitch at castle beach?

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