RARE MiniMonos Warrior T-Shirt Winner!

It’s time to announce which of you hard-working Heroes is the latest lucky monkey to win an EPIC MiniMonos Warrior T-Shirt from the new MiniMonos Shop!

Well done to Russell1234, Conradredrose and Tipski for reaching Level 25 or higher. That is some EPIC effort, monkeys!


The lucky Warrior T-shirt winner is: Conradredrose!

Keep an eye on your email for a message from Manx!

What’s your favorite game to play while leveling up your Hero Ways? Leave a comment and let us know!


BONUS Bee Suit Weekend!


Make a BUZZ this weekend as you fly around in this EPIC Bee Suit to find the easter goodies hidden on MiniMonos!

Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a BONUS Bee Suit on MiniMonos!

Offer ends midday Monday April 1st, Monkey Time (GMT).

On the hunt for April MaxiMonkeys!

ApplyHi Monkeys!

The MaxiMonkey application has returned for the month of April! Apply today to become one of our awesome, senior MaxiMonkeys, who help new players on MiniMonos!

Click here to learn about the MaxiMonkey program before filling out the application below!

To apply to become a MaxiMonkey, fill out the form here.

This MaxiMonkey application form will be open until April 1st.

Good luck monkeys! ūüôā


Easter Party Weekend!

Hola, monkeys!

We know you’re all VERY BUSY being MiniMonos Heroes and leveling up in the Way of the Warrior,¬†Guardian and Inventor- keep it up, monkeys!

FindTheseWe’ve decided that this weekend will have¬†HEAPS of pop-up parties, since lots of monkeys across the globe are now on school holiday (or at least having a long weekend)!

There’s even a special Easter treat waiting for you in-world to help with the party fun:

Find the chocolate bunny and Easter egg basket to unlock free xPowers this weekend!

EasterXpowersThen, get ready to PARTY with Bananatastic and Minimonos Ambassadors all weekend long!

Keep an eye on the News shoutouts in-world this weekend to find out when the next pop up party is!

AND make sure you come along to the Easter Party hosted by MiniMonos Time!

Click here for the pre-party and Easter Party details!¬† If you come along you’ll have a chance to win a 1-Month GOLD Membership from MiniMonos Time authors Tommypp and Technobanana!

We hope to see you at a party this weekend! @(^_^)@

Marco’s mug-shot Monday: It’s Time to be a Hero!


NEW Heroes have arrived on MiniMonos Island and we’ve been having a BLAST leveling up! Check out these pictures:

We’re ready to become heroes and help make the world a better place!


Monkeys race to level 10 to collect their EPIC Inventor t-shirts!


Our hair is red and we’re ready to follow the Way of the Warrior!


Visit Bea’s Place and play Grow to level up as a Guardian!


Bannagirl04 hosts an AWESOME party at Hana Cove with her buddies!


Have you started leveling up yet? There are HEAPS of¬†new Hero items waiting to be unlocked! What’s the coolest item you’ve unlocked so far?¬†Leave a comment and let us know!

MiniMonos Updates – Be A Hero!

Heroes are here!

When you first login, you’ll get a postcard from the MiniMonos team:

the postcard says that heroes are here and that you can check other monkeys stats by going to their profile.

When you exit the postcard, you will notice the heroes logo in the corner. if you click on that, this menu will pop up:

From here you can pick what hero you want to level up with.¬†Now whats nice with this is that you¬†don’t¬†get locked in on what you choose, you can do 2 or even all 3 if you wanted to.

Once you click one, another pop up will come up with your current level, the prizes you earn at each level and the games you can play for XP.

The Inventor prizes are:

the Warrior prizes are:

And the Guardian prizes are:

You also get some small prizes for each level you get!:

So what are you waiting for?! log into minimonos.com and be a hero today!


Epic Easter Egg Hunt!

Hey UK monkeys!

EasterEaster is almost here, and Swapit’s Easter Bunny has gone on the run and left a trail of Easter eggs across the web for you to find! Join in on this Epic Easter Hunt for chances to win BANANAMAZING prizes!

To start your hunt, click here,and check out the clues leading you to the next Easter egg.

For every Easter egg you find you’ll get 30 swapits to spend on Swapit.  Once you’ve got some Swapit points check out the Easter Frenzy where you can bid on heaps of cool free stuff!

Some of the eggs contain special prizes–like MINIMONOS goodies¬†–so make sure you hunt them all down for a chance to win!¬† If you find ALL of the eggs, you’ll be entered into the draw to win a Blackberry Playbook!

The Easter Bunny hid one of his eggs here on the Go Bananas Blog, so LOOK CLOSELY!¬† Let us know if you find it! ūüôā

Visit¬†Swapit’s Easter Hunt¬†to find out more!

Good luck & Happy Easter early, UK monkeys!

Win a RARE MiniMonos Warrior T-Shirt!

Have you seen the EPIC updates on MiniMonos?¬†It’s time to BE A HERO!¬†Do you want to win this RARE MiniMonos Warrior Hero T-Shirt?¬†Keep reading!

EVERY MiniMonos monkey who builds their Way of the Warrior up to Level 25 by April 1st will go in the draw to win the this SUPER RARE MiniMonos Warrior T-shirt!

Send an email to contests@minimonos.com and let us know when you have reached level 25!

The contest ends April 1st…¬†what are you waiting for?¬†It’s time to level up!

Good luck, monkeys!

BONUS Ninja Suit Weekend!


Gear up in this EPIC Ninja Suit this weekend on MiniMonos!

Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a BONUS Green Ninja Suit on MiniMonos!

Offer ends midday Monday March 25th, Monkey Time (GMT).

New MiniMonos Hero unveiled: The Warrior!

The last MiniMonos Hero has been uncovered!

These past two weeks our AWESOME fan blogs have been working together to solve puzzles about the NEW MiniMonos Heroes!

First they revealed an Inventor, then a Guardian, and now a WARRIOR:


What do you think this Warrior will get up to?  What do you think a Warrior is like?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

Thank you MiniMonos Time, MiniMonos Info, MiniMonos Planet, and MiniMonos Blast for working together and revealing the Warrior for us!

PS: Stay tuned for an EPIC MiniMonos ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!