The Green idea!

We all know pollution/waste can come in all forms, right? One you probably haven’t thought of, though, is junk mail.

1) Junk Mail 😦

Junk mail is annoying anyways, right? It’s also pretty bad for the environment, too! If every (American) household saved up the junk mail they received in a year, it’d add up to about 1 1/2 trees worth of paper! Wow! When you think of all the homes that get that junk mail in the US, it adds up to about 100 million trees a year wasted on junkmail.

So, how can you save those trees? Simply by writing a letter. You can write to the Mail Preference Service, and they’ll reduce your junkmail by up to 75%. Like good monkeys, the rest of it you get you can still recycle. (Here’s the info of Mail Preference Service: Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, 11 West 42nd St., PO Box 3861, New York, NY 10163-3861. And sorry monks! I could only find information about this in the US)

2) Shopping/Kitchen Habits

While I’m sure most of you recycle already, maybe even have gotten rid of water bottles and things like that all together, I’m sure for some of you one thing you don’t consider might be plastic bags.

In most grocery stores, these plastic bags are used because they’re cheap, whereas they’re not so eco-friendly. Most grocery stores have already offered an alternative in some way, such as WalMart, whether that be buying a permanent reusable bag, or offering paper bags. Still, even with the alternative, most tend to go with the plastic bags. So, if the alternatives are seldom used, how do they help the enviroment?

It’s really a simple answer. They don’t.

Some areas are so serious about making sure people use the alternatives that they’d banned the use of plastic bags. People have the choice of bringing their own bags to the stores, or they can buy paper bags at $.10 each. So, it seems enforcing is a good way to make it happen.

But, there’s also a choice here to be made by you. There’s no one to enforce it, so you have to do it yourself.  This is what you use in your own kitchen. Do you use plastic baggies? Plastic and tin foil wrappings? Paper towels? There’s a great alternative to all those items, and that’s simply replacing them. Plastic baggies and the plastic/tin foil wrappings can be replaced by permanent containers that can be washed and used again and again. The paper towels can be replaced with a wash-clean dish towel that can be used again. Any thing you do, it ends up helping the environment. 🙂



Hey Monkeys! Guess what! I have another Green Idea post for you! :D This week, we’ll be talking about the idea behind electric cars.

Now, have you ever thought, “What’s the point? Pollution still comes out at the factories that make the energy.” Well you’re totally RIGHT! Pollution does still come out at the factories. BUT, think about all the cars in the world and their exhaust pipes shooting out smoke.

(Yes I made it xDD)

Cars are everywhere, so all that pollution gets spread out really far pretty much EVERYWHERE. That’s bad! That means all that smoke rises everywhere, depleting the ozone.

Now, think about a factory that produces electric power. The smoke all comes out of pillars. BUT, the company can control it to where less pollution goes out. Another good thing about factories is that all the pollution is in a single area, instead of all spread out. YAY!

So, the idea behind electric cars is to lower pollution a little bit and keep the pollution from spreading all over entire cities and pretty much anywhere there’s a road ^.^ That’s awesome! So, never think like, “electric cars are so pointless” or anything, because they really do help :-)

Thanks Monkeys!



Hey guys! Mini here, and we’re starting back up “The Green Idea!” This week, we’re saving energy again, and talking about recycling. So, let’s get started!

Here’s 5 easy ways to save energy:

Turn off lights in rooms when you exit a room

Use natural light if you can!

Turn off computers/computer monitors when not in use.

Use fluorescent light bulbs- they use less power AND last longer!

Only run a dishwasher if it’s full- it saves power AND water! 😀

Now, those are saving energy, PRETTY much at its simplest. We are going to post some more next week for energy saving fanatics 😛

Next, we have recycling. Now, we all have a pretty basic of recycling, but do we know all of it?  Most people think recycling is throwing a can into a bin, but there are lots of other forms! 🙂

So obviously, yes, you can recycle cans and plastic by throwing them in a bin. Same with paper.

You can also recycle clothes by donating them, or reusing them.

Done with a binder or something? Fix it up and give it to a friend.

Take paint to a special plant to be recycled, or give it to someone else to use! 🙂

Even have an old cell phone? You can recycle that by throwing it in a bin, but some companies will pay you to bring it in because of a special metal inside it! 😀

Another good thing to do is prevent having something to recycle at all! Things to use:

A refillable water bottle

A Reusable Container

Lunchboxes instead of bags

Here are some things to avoid:

Styrofoam! D:

Tin Foil

Paper Bags

Normal Water Bottles

All of these are pretty simple, and only take a bit of time to do, so just try and do them! 🙂 😀 Thanks monkeys!


Have more amazing eco-friendly tips? Tell us in the comments!


Hey guys! Mini here again! Last week, the topic was saving energy. This week, it’s saving water!
Here are 5 simple ways to save water.
1) Turn off water when brushing your teeth. You only need water at the beginning and ending of brushing your teeth, with about a whole 2 minutes between. It may not seem like much, but it really is.

2) Take shorter showers. Although long showers feel good, they should only be done on occasion. All you need to do in the shower is clean up right? Taking shorter showers saves ALOT of water.

3) Use an water saving shower head! Instead of needing lots of water out a small and not so powerful shower head, you can put this one on. It spreads the water out and adds a bit of pressure, so you can use alot less water!
Here’s what one looks like:

Awesome! (Plus, they’re not too expensive) :p

4) If doing dishes by hand, let the sink fill up instead of letting the faucet run the whole time. Some dishes are HUGE and take a long time to wash. Imagine how much water it’d waste to keep the water going on high power. Wow!

This next one may actually shock some people.

5) Wash cars at car washes, and not at home. Why? When you wash it at home, the soap used to wash the car, and the oils from the car, all wash away down into the gutters. That water most likely ends up in the ocean! Water full of soaps and oils! That’s not good! D: But, if you wash it at a car wash, all the water is collected, purified, and used again! Hooray!

I hope you use at least one of these! 😛

Have more amazing eco-friendly tips? Tell us in the comments!



Hey guys! Mini here again! Right now, I’m going to show you some hints to help stay green and save energy, and even explain some of the things you hear all the time to do, such as turn off the lights.

First up there are many ways to save energy on the computer! First up set your desktop background as a blank black picture:

Or, if you want SOME picture, you can be like me, and make your own individual picture, or you can use one from the internet (but be careful for copyright!)
Here’s what my normal desktop looks like!

Another awesome thing to do to save energy on the computer is instead of having Google/Yahoo (or anything else really) as your homepage, there’s a search engine called that, instead of using a bright white screen, uses a black one, so it saves watt hours! Pretty cool huh? Everytime you visit it instead of Google or anything else is saves .02 of a watt hour. It’s not much, but when you add it all up, it is a lot! So far, Blackle has saved nearly 2 MILLION watt hours!

Now, for off the computer!
Now, I know one of the biggest things people say to help is to turn off lights, and it’s pretty simple. Here are just SOME great ways to save energy with lights:

If during daytime, open windows/blinds and use the light from outside, if it’s bright enough.
Use table lamps instead of lights for the whole room.
If using lights, keep them on full, instead of dimming. It actually saves power!
Use fluorescent light bulbs (AKA Curly light bulbs). They last longer (up to 5 years!) keeping more light bulbs from being thrown away, use less energy, and they shine brighter, too! Pretty awesome!

Now, for the tips of the road! Here they are:

Carpooling is a great way to get cars off the road, even if you’re just going short distances! Plus, you get to go with a friend! :D
At stop signs/lights, if you keep moving just a little bit, very slowly, but still in motion, when you start going fast again, it uses less fuel to speed up compared to when you stop completely still!
Taking the highway gives more Miles Per Gallon, and you get to your destination faster! :D

Now, things for school! There are MANY things made from recycled materiel, such as:
Pencils (excluding lead/graphite)
Pens (excluding ink)
Sometimes Backpacks
Even Erasers!

It’s amazing how they can make so many things out recycled materiel, like pencils made out of newspaper!

Have more amazing eco-friendly tips? Tell us in the comments!



ThinkQuest.Org (image) (image)

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