Bonus Bash- Getting Tickets Guide!

Hey Monkeys! MiniJ here!

So, this question was:

“How do I get tickets for Bonus Bash on MiniMonos?”

Alrighty! VERY good question! So, howdo you get these wonderful tickets?

Let’s start with the Bronze Ticket!

To get the Bronze ticket, all you have to do is invite a buddy to MiniMonos through an email! To invite a buddy, go to your buddy tab in your journal and hit the big green button that says ‘Invite Friends’

If your buddy signs UP for MiniMonos and puts you down as the monkey who invited them, you’ll get a silver ticket!

If a friend you invited or yourself buy a membership or shells, you get a gold ticket!

Pretty simple huh?

Hope you understand this better now! :D


Need more help getting Bonus Bash Tickets or with anything else? Leave a comment telling me!


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