Green Banana Guide!

Hey Monkeys! Have you ever seen a Monkey around with a green banana next to their name, or maybe one with a cool shirt on that has a green banana? That means they’re a Green Banana Monkey! Here’s how to be one:

1) Click the big green banana in the top of the screen!

Once you click it, you green banana task sheet will open up!

Your task sheet shows which tasks you’ve already completed, and which ones you have to do! To start a task, click on of the buttons on it!

The tasks you have to do are:

Change your color at Carlos’

Recycle some items in R.A.T.S.

Walk up and talk to Einstein in his Lab

Grow Strawberries in Grow

Visit Your Treehouse

Collect Clouds in Monkey Flight!

Pretty simple right? Just for doing this, you get:

A Green Banana Icon!

5 Shells to Buy Powers or Costumes!

A Cool T-Shirt for your monkey!

and A Flag for your treehouse! Awesome!

So, what are you waiting for! Become a green banana today!

*Note: If you were already a top banana or MiniMod when this update came out, you’re already a Green Banana and have been awarded the shirt and flag. :-)*


Need more help becoming a Green Banana or with anything else? Leave a comment telling me!


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