Top Banana Guide!

Hey Monkeys! Some new (or old xDD) monkey may not know how to become a top banana! So, I made this guide!

So, there are two ways to access your Top Banana Card.

The first is through the giant big yellow banana on your screen xDD

The other, harder way is to enter through your journal xDD

So then, open up your top banana card.

The requirements to become a top banana are:

Collect 100 Clouds in Monkey Flight

Get three baskets of Strawberries in Grow

Earn your white armband in Monkey Fist

Buy a treehouse item from Traderz

Clean the Lagoon until new fish show up

Take a photo of three monkeys on stage at Bimini Rocks

Recycle 100 items in R.A.T.S.

Don’t know how much left you have to do? Mouse over the ‘Progress’ to show you how much!

Awesome! You’re on your way to being a top banana. Good luck!


Need more help becoming a Top Banana or with anything else? Leave a comment telling me!


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