The Weekly Interview

 Interview of the Week!


The interview this week is with…. Mattybon!


Mattybon is an awesome monkey. Here’s what we talked about with him:

littlebighaha: Well hi! How are you?

mattybon: I’m well. How are you?

littlebighaha: Great thanks. Now, a few questions!

mattybon: OK go ahead!

littlebighaha: Firstly, how did you hear about MiniMonos?

mattybon: I heard about it from a few people and thought I should check it out. When I found it, I loved it!

littlebighaha: That’s awesome! What game or games do you really like?

mattybon: I love Go Go Green and Grow.

littlebighaha: Yeah. I saw your name in the highscores!

mattybon: Yep. 😀

littlebighaha. OK. Which ambassadors do you like?

mattybon: My favorite ambassador is BadgerFox.

littlebighaha: I often think he’s evil! 😛

mattybon: Haha. That’s why I love him! 😀

littlebighaha: LOL. So you own a blog right?

mattybon: Yes, I do. I own it with my friends Sonic and MonkeyRock.

littlebighaha: Cool. BTW, it was SO awesome when you did the fundraising after the tornadoes!

mattybon: Yeah thanks. I donated about $10. And I might do something else soon.

littlebighaha: Cool. Can’t wait! So. What contests have you entered?

mattybon: Um I can’t remember. But I always win the contests on See You Sunday! 🙂

littlebighaha: WOW. So that’s all, hope you enjoyed the interview!

mattybon: Thanks for having me. Bye!



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