GoGoGreen Guide!

Order: 1) GoGoGreen 2) Monkey Flight 3) Tic Tac Poo 4) Grow 5) Coming Soon


Hey Monkeys! Here’s some helpful hints about the game, GoGoGreen!:

1) The point of the game is to match up items to recycle them. You have to get 3 or more in a row. Just look at the red arrows.

2) If you get 4 in a row, this is what will show up.

A sparkling piece of trash!

When you get in a combination, it clears more than just the combination, like this.

3) When you get five in a row, the recycled item because extremely sparkly.

And when you use it

it looks like that

4) On the side, it shows each item and 6 bars above it. If you fill them all up and make it greean you get a bonus items removed at the end!

Like that.

5) At the end of the game, it shows your score, game score, bonus score, your new overall ranking in MiniMonos at that time, and your current ranking between your friends!

Clearly I didn’t do too good.

Hope this helps!


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