Never-Released MiniMonos Items!

Hey Monkeys! miniJ here with a new addition to the secrets section!

Do you ever just like, Google MiniMonos in Google Images? Well, I know I do! And when doing so, I’ve found some secret never released items! Coolio!

So, let’s start off with a smaller one:

1) Umbrella Chair and Hammock

This item was designed to be an outdoor treehouse item, though we’re not sure where it was to be put. This item has never really worked it’s way into the game, but does bare resemblance to the chair and umbrella sitting on top of the box at the Recycle Center. Looks pretty cool eh?

2) The Boat House

This nifty item is a larger item. Designed to be a livable treehouse, such as the castle and pyramid houses, its a wonder that it never made its way into the game. I think it’s really cool! Here’s what the inside of it would’ve looked like if released:

I think it’s a really cool house- it even has a different floor!

3) The “Unknown” House

Although not as cool as the boathouse (in my opinion,) here is yet another cool house that never seemed to make it way into MiniMonos.

This house is kind of strange of strange because it sits so low, don’t you think? It has a big long roof, but not much wall. I do think it looks pretty cool though! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the inside to this house :(

4) The Dragon Sign

This item may be the strangest of them all! It’s not really known what it’s purpose was for. It appears that it may have been another mini-quest like the tiger one, or maybe a missing part of the tiger quest, but it’s not really known. Either way, it shows that once upon a time there was a dragon costume to be out in the game. What do you think it is?

5) Count Monkula Poster!

Another curious case of an item that never made it. Obviously designed to be released around Halloween time, it never made it. If released, this would have been the first poster on MiniMonos, as the beta posters didn’t come out till April 2011. What do you think?

6) FrankenMonkey Poster!

Yet another spooky poster never released to MiniMonos! For unknown reasons, both of these posters never made it to MiniMonos. Will they come this Halloween? Who knows!

*UPDATE* Hehe! Like I guessed, this poster is now released! But, you could only get it if you bought a Membership,Shells or banana chips in a weekend deal last year. 😦

Pretty cool eh? What do you think of this?


*This Page is for the Use of MiniMonosExpress and blogs given permission ONLY. Do not steal any information on this page. Kaythxbai.*

  1. Jess da awesome

    omg im totally gonna ask 4 one of at the next gold only paaaarty!

  2. They might not have another one….. xD

  3. I’m getting boat house

  4. the unknown one is like a tribal longhouse

  5. Crouching Dragon sign: In the future I think there will be a dragon suit and that what I think it is

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