How to Give Gifts on MiniMonos!

Hey Monkeys! With some new updates came buddy gifts! Now, it’s a pretty cool feature, but some people don’t know how to send a gift! So, here’s how!

First, you’ll need to go to your buddies player card. On their player card, there’ll  be a little present button between the Send Mail and Visit Treehouse Buttons. Click it.

That’ll take you to another page. On this page, you can choose how big of a gift you’d like to send to your buddy. Right now, the only gift is the “Go Gifts” Power, but that may change soon.

Pick the one you want and hit send! BAM! You’re done delivering the gift.

After that, your buddy will get a notice in his or her mail saying you sent them a gift! Then they can open it by clicking the notice:

When it opens, this pops up! It shows the gift opening up, and gives them the option to give back! If they don’t have shells though, they can’t 😦 But still, pretty cool!

Then, they can you their awesome new, “Go Gifts” Power on MiniMonos! 🙂

Awesome! So, have you sent or received a present?  If you’ve sent one, AWESOME job for being such a nice monkey! If you’ve recieved one, make sure to say thank you, or gift them back! 🙂

Thanks Monkeys!


  1. How do you gift shells ??

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