How to Get Banana Chips!

Hey Monkeys! As you may well know, Banana Chips are the main currency on MiniMonos. You can use them to buy all clothes and treehouse items. (except for beta posters and shirt) So,

“How do you get Banana Chips?”

That’s quite simple! You can get Banana Chips buy playing any game on MiniMonos!

Here’s some games and the rooms they’re in!

1. Monkey Fist- Located at Long Beach

2. Monkey Swim- Located at the Leatherback Lagoon

3. Monkey Flight- Located at Kittyhawk Bluff and treehouse

4. TicTacPoo- Located at the Compost Zone

5. Grow- Located at Bea’s Place

6. R.A.T.S.- Loacated at the Recycling Center and treehouse

7. GoGoGreen- Located at the Recycling Center

8. Paint Can Music- Located at Carlos’ Color Me Store

You can also gain Banana Chips through the Bonus Bash!

Another way to get banana chips is to buy them. If you want to buy them, go to your journal and click the “Buy” button!

There, you can buy banana chips! Awesome!

Hope this helps monkeys!


Need more help getting Banana Chips or with anything else? Leave a comment telling me!



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