Non-Member Clothes!

Hey Monkeys! Are you a nonmember and you need clothes but don’t know what clothes you can get? Well, I’m here to tell you!

The items you can get (from left to right, row 1 to row 2) are

  • Green Banana Shirt
  • Top Banana Shirt
  • MiniMod Shirt
  • EcoMonkey Shirt
  • TicTacPoo Fly Shirt
  • Ninja Costume (any color/kind) (Shell item)
  • Butterfly Costume (any color/kind) (Shell item)
  • Elite Ninja Costume (any color/kind) (Shell item)
  • Pirate Costume (any color/kind) (Shell item)
  • WWF Tiger Costume (Shell item)
  • Beta Bananza Shirt (Old)
  • Halloween Pumpkin Costume (any kind) (May Return) (Shell item)
  • Halloween Witch Costume (May Return) (Shell item)
  • Halloween Frankenmonkey Costume (May Return) (Shell item)

There you are! Those are the non member clothes! πŸ˜›

Thanks Monkeys!


  1. I don’t exactly play MM, But I’ll try it out πŸ™‚

    Awesome! Make sure to say ‘miniJghRocks’ invited you ;D

  2. and lion suit

  3. Just put ANY costumes, they are all Non-GOLD items! πŸ™‚

    And so are the flight jacket, flight helmet and the NEW Eco Hero shirts πŸ™‚

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